2016-12-22 Adelaide Olympic2016-12-20 West Adelaide2016-11-05 Pro11 Academy vs AUFC Youth2016-10-08 African Nations Cup - SA2016-10-02 Canberra Croatia vs Auckland Croatia2016-10-01 Croatian Soccer Tournament Adelaide2016-09-23 Metro United vs Para Hills Knights2016-09-23 Metro United vs Adelaide City2016-09-18 Cambpelltown City SC vs Cumberland United WFC2016-09-16 Para Hills Knights SC vs West Adelaide SC2016-09-16 Adelaide City vs Fulham United2016-09-11 Sturt Lions vs Cumberland United2016-09-11 Adelaide City vs WT Birkalla - U18s2016-09-10 MetroStars vs West Adelaide - Reserves2016-09-10 Grand Final Day2016-09-10 Cumberland United vs Para Hills Knights2016-09-10 Adelaide City vs Campbelltown City2016-09-09 Metro United vs Adelaide City2016-09-09 Fulham United vs Adelaide Uni2016-09-03 Campbelltown City vs WT Birkalla2016-09-03 Adelaide City vs West Adelaide - Reserves2016-09-02 Fulham United vs Metro United  Reserves Cup Final2016-09-02 Adelaide City vs Fulham United - Cup Final2016-08-27 West Torrens Birkalla vs Adelaide Blue Eagles2016-08-27 Campbelltown City vs West Adelaide2016-08-26 Para Hills Knights vs Adelaide Uni2016-08-26 Adelaide City vs Metro United2016-08-21 Sturt Lions2016-08-20 Blue Eagles vs Adelaide Comets2016-08-19 White City vs Modbury Jets2016-08-17 Rostrevor vs GradsRed2016-08-14 Parafield Gardens vs Salisbury Inter2016-08-13 MetroStars vs Adelaide City2016-08-12 Sturt Marion vs Para Hills Knights2016-08-12 Fulham United vs Adelaide Uni2016-08-07 Salisbury Inter SC2016-08-06 Cumberland United vs Port Adelaide Pirates2016-08-06 Adelaide Comet vs WT Birkalla2016-08-05 Para Hills Knights vs West Adelaide2016-08-05 Adelaide Uni vs Adelaide City2016-08-04 Adelaide Comets2016-07-31 Cumberland United WFC2016-07-30 Blue Eagles vs Adelaide Comets2016-07-29 Metro United vs Adelaide Uni2016-07-29 Adelaide City vs Sturt Marion2016-07-25 Adelaide Uni vs Fulham United2016-07-25 Adelaide City vs Metro United2016-07-23 Croydon Kings vs South Adelaide2016-07-22 Para Hills Knights vs Cumberland United2016-07-22 Adelaide Uni vs West Adelaide2016-07-16 Raiders vs Adelaide Olympic2016-07-15 Para Hills Knights vs Adelaide City2016-07-15 Metro United vs Fulham United2016-07-10 West Adelaide vs Adelaide United2016-07-09 MetroStars vs WT Birkalla2016-07-03 Adelaide Comets vs Salisbury Inter2016-07-02 Campbelltown City vs West Adelaide2016-07-01 West Adelaide vs Fulham United2016-07-01 Cumberland United vs Sturt Marion2016-06-25 u18s - Modbury Jets vs West Adelaide2016-06-25 Res - Adelaide Comets vs Campbelltown City2016-06-25 AIA Vitality MiniRoos2016-06-25 Adelaide Comets vs MetroStars2016-06-24 Para Hills Knights vs Metro United2016-06-24 Adelaide City vs West Adelaide2016-06-22 Raiders vs Adelaide City2016-06-19 Pink Panthers2016-06-18 MetroStars vs Adelaide United2016-06-18 MetroStars Past Players vs Reserves2016-06-17 Para Hills Knights vs Sturt Marion2016-06-17 Adelaide Uni vs Fulham United2016-06-16 Raiders vs Eastern Elite2016-06-15 MetroStars vs Croydon Kings2016-06-14 Adelaide Comets vs Cumberland United2016-06-12 Salisbury Inter2016-06-11 Adelaide United vs South Adelaide2016-06-05 West Adelaide vs Adelaide City2016-06-04 West Torrens Birkalla vs Adelaide United2016-06-03 Sturt Marion vs Adelaide City2016-06-03 Cumberland United vs West Adelaide2016-06-01 Cumberland United vs Port Adelaide Pirates2016-05-29 Salisbury Inter2016-05-28 Western Strikers vs MetroStars2016-05-28 Cumberland United vs The Cove2016-05-27 West Adelaide vs Adelaide Uni2016-05-27 Cumberland United vs Para Hills Knights2016-05-25 Willacy2016-05-22 Adelaide Olympic vs West Adelaide2016-05-21 Cumberland vs Para Hills Knights2016-05-21 Adelaide Comets vs MetroStars2016-05-14 West Adelaide vs Croydon Kings2016-05-14 Adelaide Raiders vs West Torrens Birkalla2016-05-13 Sturt Marion vs West Adelaide2016-05-13 Fulham United vs MetroUnited2016-05-08 Unley SC vs Para Hills Lions2016-05-07 White City vs The Cove2016-05-07 Adelaide United vs Campbelltown City2016-05-06 Para Hills Knights vs Adelaide Uni2016-05-06 Adelaide City vs Metro United2016-04-30 Adelaide Olympic vs Campbelltown City2016-04-30 Adelaide Comets vs Adelaide Blue Eagles2016-04-29 Cumberland United vs Fulham United2016-04-28 West Adelaide vs Adelaide City2016-04-25 Croydon Kings vs Adelaide Uni Grads Red - FFA Cup2016-04-25 Adelaide Comets vs Fulham United - FFA Cup2016-04-24 about the hair2016-04-23 Adelaide Blue Eagles vs Adelaide City2016-04-20 Women's NPL SA2016-04-16 Roxby Downs Juniors2016-04-16 Roxby Downs Celebrity Game2016-04-16 Croydon Kings vs West Torrens Birkalla2016-04-15 Sturt Marion vs Fulham United2016-04-15 Cumberland United WFC vs Metro United WFC2016-04-09 Adelaide City vs Campbelltown City2016-04-08 Metro United vs Adelaide Uni2016-04-08 Adelaide City vs Sturt Marion2016-04-06 Grads Red vs Eastern United2016-03-28 Para Hills Knights vs Modbury Jet2016-03-26 Cumberland United vs White City2016-03-21 Fulham United2016-03-19 Adelaide Comets vs Adelaide City2016-03-18 West Adelaide vs Sturt Marion2016-03-18 Cumberland United vs Adelaide Uni2016-03-13 MetroStars vs Campbelltown City2016-03-13 Apollo SC vs International SC2016-03-12 West Adelaide vs Adelaide Comets2016-03-07 Blue Eagles vs Adelaide Olympic2016-03-06 NTC vs West Torrens Birkalla2016-03-06 Adelaide United vs WT Birkalla2016-03-05 Raiders vs MetroStars2016-03-04 White City vs Modbury Jets2016-02-27 MetroStars vs Adelaide Comets2016-02-26 West Adelaide vs Adelaide Olympic2016-02-24 NPLSA Season Launch2016-02-19 West Adelaide SC vs Croydon Kings FC : Charity Cup2016-02-19 Metro United vs Adelaide City : Charity Cup2016-01-13 Ladyreds2016 WNPL posed - PNG transparent2016 WNPL posed - NPL background2016 WNPL headshots - PNG transparent2016 WNPL headshots - NPL background2016 NPL Headshots - PNG transparent2016 NPL headshots - NPL background